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Soul Saving Tracts
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Just click on the image of the tract and click, then download or print

How to print, cut, and fold a tract


What you will need to do is print on both sides. My printer has a function called duplex, which means it will print two sided documents. You will get two tracts per sheet of paper. After you finish printing you will need to cut each 8.5x11 sheet in two thereby giving you the two tracts. Put into a paper cutter and cut 5 1/2  inches from the top, then carefully fold in two matching all edges and corners as best you can. Try to keep the tract as nice looking as possible, therefore making it more attractive. You can also use colored paper, but make sure it is a light color so that the righting will stand out.

If your printer will only print one side at a time, this is what you will have to do. Test in small batches so that you can see the printers capabilities.  At first try printing 5 sheets of page one, then take those same 5 sheets and place them back in the printer so that page is printed on the other side. Many printers you will find that you can only print in small batches of 5 or 10 and still have a tract that all sides and margins are lined up.

As to the cutting, if you paper cutter does not have guides you will only be able to cut a few sheets at a time. Try cutting 5 sheets then fold them in half and folding  them evenly as possible.


You can also go to a office supply store for printing and cutting, but they are very expensive. If you have a paper cutter at home you can save money by having the tracts printed for you then cutting them yourself. Maybe you have a friend who has printer and another who has a paper cutter. Another option, maybe this can be done at church. Maybe this can be a group event where prayer, printing and folding can be done as a group event.

Be a Soul Winner

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